To Dallas, and Beyond!


As of now, Coach Elefante is already in Denver along with a handful of players and staff. I’m sat on the tarmac in Shanghai waiting for the go sign from air traffic control. I have 5 players with me and constitute the first real wave of lacrosse players from China to go to the US. Although not 1 of the 5 have ever left China before they’re all excited to get there and see what it’s all about.

In the past few weeks all final checks were made to get this party started. Li Ming was extremely lucky when, after much delay, his passport and visa arrived in his hands a mere 20 hours before today’s flight. With his new prized possession he joins Ji Xiang, Gao Zhiqiang, Yuan Yifan, Zhang Yongchang and myself for this non-stop flight from Shanghai to Dallas and then on to Denver sometime much later this evening.

After months of training the only thing we have left to do is sit back and let the pilots do the rest. See you all in Denver!

Celebrate Together

From June 2nd, 2014

In China today is 端午节 duān wǔ jie, known in the west as the Dragon Boat Festival. The holiday commemorates the life Qu Yuan, a poet who was the great friend and confidant of the Emperor during the warring states period. Across China the occasion is celebrated by having a day off from school, work and the custom of eating the famous 粽子 (rice dumplings).

There’s another reason to celebrate in China as today Team China announces a complete roster for the World Championship. After a steamy Saturday and stormy Sunday the final selections have been made. The players rewarded with the opportunity were done so for their skills, determination, fundamentals, and a ‘never give up’ attitude that the coaches feel is essential for the future of China Lacrosse. Congratulations to all players who have competed for this momentous opportunity.

The path to Denver gets shorter day by day but we will shift our focus to team unity now that tryouts are over. Team marshals are completing most of the behind the scenes paperwork necessary for sending international teams abroad. This includes, but is not limited to: fundraising, VISA applications, flights, room and board concerns, securing equipment, field time, international phone cards and much, much more.

Denver’s Final Cuts

From May 31st, 2014

This weekend China Lacrosse will make its’ final selections for the team it will send to Denver for the 2014 FIL World Championships. Most rosters spots have been secured already but there are still three spots yet to be filled. The coaches are putting the team through their paces in order to decide the remaining selections.

Attack and defensive positions are all accounted for so the focus is on the midfield. This weekend 7 players are vying for the last 3 available slots and the chance to realize the opportunity of a lifetime. In a few short weeks those chosen will march into a stadium, on the other side of the world, proudly wearing their national colors on a grand stage that few will ever experience.

The gloves fit

Coaches and staff are working hard to finalize travel plans for the players. All flights have been secured and the next step is obtaining the VISAs. This Thursday players are scheduled to meet with the VISA officers to plead their case in order to be issued this crucial document. Admittedly the Shanghai staff have been scrambling to balance their day jobs with their true passion. As the VISAs are acquired the journey becomes more and more realistic. With luck on our side the two largest pieces of the puzzle, flights and VISAs, will be completely paid for and secured by early next week. With just over three weeks remaining before the opening ceremonies in Denver we’re cutting it close but lacrosse in China is all about overcoming challenges.

Noting that only 23 days (depending on your time zone) separate the surreal from the real, coaches are keen to ensure the players are physically ready for the challenge. Conditioning has become a large part of the training regimen as agility and endurance are paramount to a successful squad.

Saturday’s practice was sunny and hot. Key concepts for the day were positioning, possession, and quick decisions. Players were rewarded with sprints, push ups and 4 hours in the sun. Despite these hardships players will forever remember Saturday’s practice as the day they received their brand new Team China gloves. The arrival of the
gloves has firmly placed the tournament in the players minds as well as their grasp.

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China Lacrosse Received Your Support!   …. we launched our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with a terrific video and bodacious perks for donations. We  received over $20,000 in donations from friends and family on both sides of the Pacific. Some wonderful people have stepped up and made contributions both within the Indie effort and by direct contribution to the FIL. Thank you everyone!  You are now part of the Team China Family!

We are extremely excited to be able to take our team to Denver. There are some challenges ahead but we will be so proud to be there as China Lacrosse.

This video will remain on display here but we hope to be presenting the story of our “Road to Denver” in photos posted on Facebook and Smugmug* as well as on this website.  *See our gallery page for details.

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Team China 2014 player profiles

player_TBuchan#8 Tyler Buchan
Wheeling Jesuit University  Class of 2015
Plays attack on WJU Cardinals NCAA Division II
Hometown      Burnaby, British Columbia
Participated in the 2013 ASPAC Tournament in Beijing
Villanova at Headstrong Ridley Oct 6 2012  54269
#28  Michael Tsiang
Villanova University School of Business  Class of 2015
Plays face-off middie on Villanova Wildcats NCAA Division I
Hometown     Summit, New Jersey
Participated in 2012 Shanghai Cup lacrosse competition
Matt Bailey
#6  Matthew Bailey
Simon Fraser University, Health Sciences  Class of 2016
Plays mid-field/face-offs on Simon Fraser Clan, MCLA Div 1
Hometown      Richmond, British Columbia
Participated in 2013 ASPAC  Tournament in Beij 






DylanDylan Bassham (#36)


Rollins College, International Business Major, Asian Studies Minor,

Class of 2017

Face-off/ Offensive Midfield

Hometown    Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

Participated in 2013 ASPAC Tournament in Beijing.